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In order to complete a project the designer or architect has to research the many choices and possibilities that is related to their final product or service. They must make informed decisions based on the knowledge or information acquired by what ever means available to them i.e. « internet, catalogues etc. ».

Corporate Mission
Materiautheque.info : is a free service that facilitates for the users i.e. « professional Interior Designers and Architects » and their respective communities such as students a new tool that encompasses all the informational aspects i.e. « material or services » needed. Enabling them realize their projects faster, and better more informed decisions can be made with less regard to time wasted due to numerous unsuccessful searches. Materiautheque.info works very hard to keep our data up to date and is maintained continuously in order to provide a premiere service.

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About Us

Materiautheque.info: is a free service that simplifies life for its users. It provides access to all the aspects of professional Designers and Architects material needs, or services they might be looking to find. The Site is fast ,simple and easy to use. It is a unique new tool that enables them to save valuable time planning.

Corporate objectives
We are the proud promoters of a cool tool that targets the international design and architectural communities, the material suppliers, manufactures and distributors, schools, professional associations that are constantly evolving in the industry. We are offering to provide them a research tool and a universal list of services and material suppliers that is indispensable to them and their respective communities.

Our Goal is to group these segments of the market :
Services and Materials + Designers + Architects

Proposition for your COMPANY
Would you be interested in being selected in the top 10 of all searches made in your division? Or even better, visibility with your logo on any of our first pages or search pages? There are many other ways we can help you promote your company that can be customized according to your needs call us today!

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